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KIZASHI Zubehörprospekt 2010 *

Suzuki Original-Zubehör für das Modell KIZASHI, Stand Oktober 2010 *Die in diesem Prospekt enthaltenen Angaben sind unverbindlich und dienen nur der Information über den jeweiligen Stand. Irrtümer bleiben vorbehalten.“

The shape of things to

The shape of things to come. Or in other words: Kizashi. A dynamic sports car at heart, Suzuki’s exclusive sedan takes a new direction. While boldly mixing sportiness, comfort, and luxury it also offers an inspiring driving experience. So inspiring, in fact, that you probably can’t help but imagine the personal touches you could be adding to the mix. But whether you start with the exterior, safety, transportation and protection, or move straight onto the interior, navigation and audio, one thing is f or sure: nothing will make the Kizashi shine more than you in the driver’s seat. Some illustrations in this brochure may feature special equipment or accessories. For precise information about the equipment provided on the vehicle, please contact your Suzuki dealer.

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