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Suzuki Collection 2017

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Suzuki Kollektion 2017 mit Preisen für Österreich


MOTOGP TEAM FLAG Not only for trackside use - team flag with pole, 160 x 80 cm. 990F0-M7FLG-000 € 11,08 MOTOGP TEAM MUG Team mug with Suzuki Ecstar and iconic GSX-RR logo, 100 % ceramic. 990F0-M7MUG-000 € 8,74 MOTOGP TEAM SWEAT BAND The Ecstar MotoGP woven band is not only for your wrist as classic sweat band but also for the race look of your brake master cylinder, 60 % cotton, 37 % nylon, 3 % polyester. 990F0-M7WBD-000 € 7,18 MOTOGP G-SHOCK WATCH BY CASIO The original Casio G-Shock watch from the Suzuki MotoGP Team available as limited special edition for the real fan. Resin case and band, magnetic and shock resistant, mineral glass, 200 m water resistant. 990F0-M7GSW-000 € 168,17 Do not miss to get the latest racing news on: MOTOGP TEAM KEYHOLDER Team Suzuki Ecstar keyholder. Made from metal with silicone strap. 990F0-M7KEY-000 € 6,48 MOTOGP TEAM STICKER SET Team Suzuki Ecstar high quality sticker set, great for showing your support. 990F0-M7STK-000 € 6,23 8

SUZUKI ECSTAR PONCHO Ideal for trackside events in rainy weather, waterproof, 100% PVC. ONE SIZE 990F0-M7PNC-000 € 4,19 MOTOGP TEAM UMBRELLA Team Suzuki Ecstar blue umbrella large with printed team and sponsor logos, 100 % polyester. 990F0-M7UMB-000 € 19,54 MOTOGP TEAM TEDDY Plush teddy bear in Team Suzuki Ecstar replica race outfit. 990F0-M6TED-000 € 18,42 MOTOGP TEAM LANYARD Team Suzuki Ecstar blue lanyard with ticketholder, buckle and metal carabiner, 100% polyester. 990F0-M7LAN-000 € 5,02 MOTOGP KIDDIMOTO HELMET* Children MotoGP helmet with GSX-RR and Ecstar logo. Available in two sizes: small = 48-53 cm (age 2-5), medium = 53-58 cm (age 4-adult). Rear adjustment wheel to ensure a snug fit. Lightweight inner shell with foam pads for comfort and fit. Adjustable straps and quick release buckle. Injection moulded ABS hard plastic. Meets CE/EN1078, ASTM F 1447, ANSI Z90-4, CPSC, AS-NZS 2063 bicycle helmet standards. S/M 990F0-KDHM1-Größe € 35,82 MOTOGP TEAM BACKPACK Great for keeping all of your things together, Team Suzuki Ecstar blue backpack with sponsor logos. Multiple compartments and padded straps for comfort, 100 % polyester (600D). 990F0-M7BPK-000 € 35,32 MOTOGP KIDDIMOTO BIKE Team Suzuki Ecstar Kiddimoto bike, handcrafted wood, bio paint, suitable for children aged 3-5 years. Should be supervised by an adult and used on flat ground. 990F0-KDDMT-GP3 € 149,39 *While stocks last. 9


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IGNIS Preise, Ausstattung und technische Daten
SWIFT Preise, Ausstattung und technische Daten
SWIFT Sport Preise, Ausstattung und technische Daten
SX4 S-CROSS HYBRID Preise, Ausstattung, technische Daten
SX4 S-CROSS Preise, Ausstattung und technische Daten
VITARA HYBRID Preise Ausstattung, technische Daten
VITARA Preise, Ausstattung und technische Daten
JIMNY Preise, Ausstattung und technische Daten
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