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Suzuki Collection 2017

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Suzuki Kollektion 2017 mit Preisen für Österreich

BACKPACK Day pack,

BACKPACK Day pack, functional addition to touring luggage, multiple functional pockets, bottle holder, waist and chest belts, compatible for drinking systems, eyelet fitted pocket for mp3 player and phone, 600D polyester. H 48 cm / W 25 cm / D 15 cm / C 24 litres 990F0-MBAC1-000 € 60,02 WALLET Black full-zip wallet with embroidered Suzuki logo on front. Nylon fabric with lining. Hook for key fixation and coin zipper pocket inside. H 15 cm / W 10.5 cm / D 2 cm 990F0-MWAL1-000 € 10,60 LAPTOP BAG BY OGIO Keeps your laptop safe with a plush lined notebook compartment. This laptop bag has multiple pockets for extra storage. Comfortable strap and lightweight to carry easily, nylon with water-resistant coating. H 29 cm / W 38 cm / D 5 cm 990F0-MMES1-000 € 87,84 POCKET UMBRELLA WITH WATERPROOF HOLDER High-quality pocket umbrella with two waterproof neoprene tubular holders. Quick and easy handling - stores your wet pocket umbrella when returning to the car. Suzuki details on holders and umbrella. Designed to perfectly fit the door bottle compartments of many Suzuki cars. 990F0-MLMU2-000 € 36,56 UMBRELLA BAG FOR UMBRELLA LARGE Universal bag for full-Größe umbrellas like 990F0-MUMB2-000, universal straps on the top and bottom for easy fixation. Polyester fabric with waterproof coating and taped seems. Umbrella not included. Sporty red stitching, embroidered and woven label Suzuki details, suitable for all Suzuki models. 990F0-MLUB2-000 € 21,65 ROLLER BAG* Black with Suzuki logo, with smooth running rollers, extendible handle, individually adjustable straps which ensure easy and safe fixation in the boot of the car, fits upright in the boot, extendible by approx. 20 cm. H 42 cm / W 34 cm / D 20 cm / C 21 – 36 litres (height extended: 62 cm) 990F0-MLRB1-000 € 75,37 50 H = Height, W = Width, D = Depth, C = Capacity *While stocks last.

NECK WARMER Warm, soft, breathable and covers neck and shoulders, double-layer polo neck, 93 % cotton, 7 % elastane. ONE SIZE 990F0-SNECK-001 € 10,56 FOLDABLE LUGGAGE BAG SMALL With two compartments, very handy bag for shopping and more, four padded straps on the side for better one-handed use, anti-slip pads. Grey applications, sporty red stitching, embroidered and woven label Suzuki details. H 25 cm / W 55 cm / D 30 cm / C 20-40 litres 990F0-MLFB2-000 € 64,18 SCOOTER DRIVER LEG COVER (APRON) Black, waterproof with reflective stripes on both sides, BURGMAN logo, adjustable belt around belly, comes with black string-bag, weights at lower ends prevent from lifting off, recommended max. speed 130 km/h, 50 % thermoplastic elastomers, 20 % polyester, 30 % insulation material. 990F0-SAPRN-000 € 88,06 REAR SEAT BAG Suitable for rear seat and front passenger seat, quick and easy fixation with safety belt, a large compartment ensures tidiness on the back seat or in the driver’s and passenger’s zone. Two 7 cm diameter 6 cm deep cup holders on top, additional small zip-front compartment for smaller items with magnetic closure. Grey applications, sporty red stitching, embroidered and woven label Suzuki. Material: polyester, Volume: approx. 25 litres. 990F0-MLSB2-000 € 114,70 51


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SWIFT Preise, Ausstattung und technische Daten
SWIFT Sport Preise, Ausstattung und technische Daten
SX4 S-CROSS HYBRID Preise, Ausstattung, technische Daten
SX4 S-CROSS Preise, Ausstattung und technische Daten
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VITARA Preise, Ausstattung und technische Daten
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